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Re Visualizing Bathymetry Data

Devrim Baris Acar
Hi Jan,
First I am not an expert on the subject.

My aim was to show some elevation data from geotiffs as the user moved the mouse. The elevation data is served from geoserver. If you think it as normal WMS raster images you will be in trouble. In geoserver raw data is transformed to something "rasterable", so in udig. Your raw data is mapped to 0-255 values. To overcome this i have used some plugin from nasa worldwind forums which lets geoserver wms serve raw data to clients. I changed this to serve custom geotiffs. Then a developed a custom renderer in udig which requests this image format rather than standard wms formats like png. This custom renderer also holds a pointer to the gridcoverage which later helps me to evaluate the elevation data at the mouse cursor position.
One of the key points is to tell udig request a custom format from wms for a specific layer and dont change the requests for other layers. I have accomplished this using layer blackboard and injecting some variable to check on the renderer side,

Hope this helps,
Best regards,

Devrim Baris Acar

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