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Fernando Perfumo
> I had a little test with PostGIS and ECW layers (4 GB ECW file) by panning
> and zooming and checking the memory consumption reported by Kosmo system
> info. Numbers go up and down, sometimes only 7 MB of free memory was
> reported but after next zoom the amount of free memory was 150 MB.
> Everything worked fluently for me all of the time. Pressing the Garbage
> Collect button usually increased the amount of free memory that was
> reported it did not make Kosmo any faster to use. It looks that in my
> environment (Windows XP, Java 1.6.0_26) and test data the memory handling
> is working well.
> Do you have some real problems so that you get out of memory errors while
> using Kosmo? Or does Kosmo get slow but after doing Garbage Collect it is
> fast again? Or are you just thinking that the system does not work
> correctly because after pressing Garbage Collect the amount of free menory
> on the report is higher?

Yes, the server running Kosmo have more applications running on it. I needed
to limit java memory use, so I applied the xms and xmx command line options
to set it to 500 and 800, having noticed at first glance that Kosmo in my
application wouldn't need more than that to work fine, as you can see it's
not a really big thing. The database server is running on another computer
( Postgresql on a linux system ).

Yes, Mr Jukka.  I began worrying about memory usage of Kosmo when I noticed
it were going slower after some time of use.

I'll update kosmo to a newer versiĆ³n and try again.

Thanks Sergio and Jukka,  a lot for helping,


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