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* @ 21/06/05 03:36:27 AM [hidden email] wrote:
> hello,
> Would it be possible to get an update on the server situation?

I upgraded to apache 2. It was more flakey than I thought. It went down
on Sunday, I have no idea why - nothing in the logs.

> Is it anything we can help with, or out of OSM's hands?

Nah, we need lots of code written though.

> You wouldn't believe how much interest there was in openstreetmap at
> the open source geospatial conference - such a sense of need for the
> service and buy-in to the idea, and really from the GIS priesthood too.

More info?

> A chap from the San Diego Supercomputing Centre, John Graham, made a
> pretty serious offer of mega-bandwidth-and-storage if OSM would like
> it. [hidden email] - it might be worth at least thinking about
> setting up a mirror there....

Cool, thanks for that. I'll drop him a mail. I don't think bandwidth or
space are really the problem right now, though it may become that.

have fun,

SteveC [hidden email]

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