Setting sub area of raster layers for processing

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Setting sub area of raster layers for processing

Greetings. In uDig v 1.4.0b is there a way to interactively set the area of processing to perform calculations via OmsMapCalc for a sub region in two raster layers of different resolution (2km and 1/9 arc sec).  There are no parent vector files in the layer list.  

We have searched on line and in the archives and am unable to recognize a similar solution.  Nor does it appear this is intrinsically possible via Selection Tool via Box Selection or AOI selection sans shape file layer.  

Details (see small image attached)
Layer 1 = image file of topography 1/9 arc sec resolution over a small geographic area
Layer 2 = 2km raster of flood water height from a hurricane (overlaps but does not contain fully the geographic and smaller area of layer #1)

We wish to process data in a small overlapping region of the two layers (simple layer 2 minus layer 1 calculation) -- not the entire region of layer 1 or layer 2


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