Simpson Desert QAA line

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Simpson Desert QAA line


To me the QAA line runs east -west. It does not include the tracks that
run south off it.

This change occurred in 2012 .. change set comment indicates it was done
while the lake was flooded.

While these tracks exist .. I don't think they carry the name 'QAA line'.

I have 'named' theses 'alternate QAA route' and restored the original
QAA Line names to the right places.


I have mapped the red sand dune (Big Red and Little Red are part of it.)
I plan on mapping the bottom bit out - it is like the palm of your hand
with the fingers going north being the sand hills that QAA Line crosses.
the should give an indication of what hte rest is like. Might do the
last of them similarly near pernie (sp?) bore. Not mapping all of them!

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