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Ski resort rendering

Michael Neumann

i mapped a ski resort recently and have some thoughts about the
rendering on Osmarender. On the PisteMap proposal there is the key
piste:name, but it does not get rendered. It would be nice if the name
key (if existent) would be rendered on the underlying way (e.g.
highway=track) and the piste:name key would be rendered on the piste.
Currently, if name=* is existent, it gets rendered on both. See:

Better only use piste:name to label pistes, because if there is only a
piste with no underlying feature like a highway=track, which appears
often, and it has a name=* key, then there is (e.g. on Mapnik) a label
displayed on the map in the middle of nowhere. See:

And i noticed that piste:type=sled is rendered as a solid line. I think
it would be nicer if it would be rendered the same way as
piste:type=downhill (using a different color), because those sled-pistes
often use the same way as the underlaying track, which is currently not
visible anymore. See:

Michael Neumann
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