Status of #Map4Ebola (#OpenStreetMap #DRC #Ebola response as of 1-June morning.

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Status of #Map4Ebola (#OpenStreetMap #DRC #Ebola response as of 1-June morning.

nicolas chavent

Hi all-

A quick email to request an update on the current status of the current #Ebola #DRC #OSM response.
It would be great for all involved so far in this response to get a status of the current response :
How is this crisis dealt with overall at this stage of the outbreak ?
Are the key information needs covered so far ?
Are we done with data creation since no new mapping tasks are published so far ?
Have we to focus solely on validation and is the mapping project #3 [1] in the Tasking Manager so far the only remaining task ?

We are 15 Western African mappers gathered for a one week GIS/OSM training as part of #EcoleGeomatiqueLibre in IRD Bondy campus, after 3 days on GIS/Remote sensing, we will start with OSM and have tomorrow 2-June a mapathon lined up.
In Bamako  #Mali a 2 weeks OSM/GIS capacity building mission is also ongoing.
Without clear indication on the status of the Ebola response and its information unmet needs we will focus on Western African and Mali mapping projects.

2 side notes to learn from this response
I shall not have had to write his email since anyone mapping in the course of a crisis response is expected to get regular updates on its impacts and the information gaps met or unmet ; I had to take some time off this training for an un-necessary.
When a crisis strikes in a French speaking country, these information shall flow also if not primarily in French speaking communication channels.

Thanks in advance for getting back to us on current needs so that we plan our training/mapping efforts accordingly and keep helping out like we did so far or get back to other urgent tasks.
Excellent day



On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 1:09 PM, Jorieke Vyncke <[hidden email]> wrote:

I'm working on more tasks :-) 
And hope to get an update of the situation in the area soon. 

greetings, Jorieke

On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 6:23 AM, Rafael Avila Coya <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi, Jorieke:

I've just archived this project, as it is wholy validated (I also validated the whole area myself, mostly forest except for a few huts). I updated both en and fr wikis.



On 27/05/17 23:13, Jorieke Vyncke wrote:
Hi mappers,

So happy to see the progress of the mapping, especially in the validation! Thank you very much, and keep going I'd say :-)

For this, I'm here with a new task of one of the priority areas!
Here he is:
Don't hesitate to split the squares if they are to big.

Where in task 2988 we couldn't yet map this particular area, we now received imagery from Digital Globe. Thanks a lot!

Happy mapping everyone :)


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