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Johnny Doe-2

After uploading the bunch of tracks i have tried to
add the nodes and segments, so here are my

1. Fix the track clipping in the editing mode. It is
not clear why a lot of yellow tracks suddenly
disappear when the canvas is moved.
2. The node 'scale' is reset to the default value on
 the canvas move, which results in annoying '+'
pressing again and again.
3. Add the 'polyline' button to add the 'lines'
connecting the consecutive 'nodes' just as you add
It will make tracing the highways MUCH easier.
4. Add the 'disable landsat' button. Very often
a simple white background instead of the
dirty green is preferable. It actually happened with
the applet
when 'Exception in thread "AWT-Motif"' was catched,
so i really enjoyed such mode.

5. Show only one landsat spectral channel ? The roads
on the DOI 10m BW images look much better.

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