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Joseph Eisenberg
>> In the absence of a central authority, tools such as taginfo are actually
>> the most reliable source. Yes, it's _argumentum ad populum_, but truly,
>> what else is there?
> taginfo is useful tool but only one of many. Examples of some of taginfo
> limitations:
> - vulnerable to mass edits/imports,...
> - no history - it is often useful to see discussion/known limitations/reason
> why tag exists

There is a very useful service called TagHistory

It will show a chart of tag usage over time from late 2008 to 2018.
This helps with 2 of these issues:

1) Comparing this with current numbers from taginfo can show if the
usage of a tag is increasing gradually or if there were huge jumps
from large imports.

2) It also shows how long a tag has been in use, and can compare the
popularity of 2 or more related tags over time.

But there is still no substitute for realistic and helpful wiki
documentation, and for looking at the data directly.

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