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Michael Graaf
Hi all,

pardon me for replying to the list rather than Kiana - I'm hoping I can offer something of interest to several.

I have dabbled in OSM but am more active in Wikimedia which as some know, is ever more interoperable with OSM. I'm one of the organisers of a major Wikimedia event in Cape Town in July and part of the event is a 5-day hackathon where we would encourage OSM community members to participate. Perhaps if there's enough response to Kiana's appeal we could have an OSM meetup on the fringes of Wikimania.


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I work for KAART <> and I am writing because I work for a company that contributes to the OSM community in several countries by adding data that will be advantageous for navigation software. Our team will begin groundwork and data collection in South Africa mid June. I am reaching out to active editors and trying to connect to see if anyone is located in South Africa. I would like to use this message to actively open up a line of communication about editing in South Africa with the currently active OSM community.
Thank You,
Kiana Ziola
Geographer at Kaart
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