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Thoughts on the "Community portal"

Alex Vieira
Hello Erik,

I created a Sweden section, where there is a link to your Catergory:
Users_in_sweden (not a pretty link as I am not very knowledgeable in wikis)
I noticed that no page in the site linked to your page, maybe that is a reason
why noone else joined (it was also a reason for sending my initial message,
as I noticed that this afternoon...somehow I bumped into that page...)
Well hopefully they will now join!
And to all, thanks for creating those sections!!



On 1/4/06, Alex Vieira <alex_vieira at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> as I read this list I realise that there are people from many places using
> this website - France, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, US, (hopefully
> - why donĀ“t you add a page in the wiki for your "groups"?
> It makes it easier to keep track of what is done (and not), and, makes it
> easier for people not actively mapping a country to communicate to the ones
> that do any mapping that one happens to make in another country.

I'm using a wikipedian like Category for listing the users in Sweden,
though I'm pretty lonely in Sweden at this moment, since I don't feel
I can edit their user pages myself. ;-)


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