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TooComplex issue...

klemens z

I run the virtual-tiles@home now on 2 machines. (standard, 4gig
"disk", 2gig RAM, 2gig Swap, 1CPU )
Like OSM, therefore wanna giving back something.

It looks like, that there are several issues...

a) over the last 10 hours, I just generated "TooComplex" (?) messages.
[#85   0% tile-z16] Rendering...
[#85   0% tile-z16] Splitting stripe 0... gd-png error: cannot
allocate image data
[#85   0% tile-z16] Putting job (12,1244,2452) back due to
'SplitTiles: Missing File /tmp/12_1244_2452_XH1Fo/tile-z16-s0.png
[#85   0% tile-z16] Warning: used uninitialized fault 0
[#85   0% tile-z16] SplitTiles: Missing File
/tmp/12_1244_2452_XH1Fo/tile-z16-s0.png encountered
For me this looks like that for the moment just too-complex (running
out of MEM) tiles are out there - spending cpu-cycles and bandwidth
for nothing.

A potential solution (from what I can overview from my side) might be
to add a "MaxComplexety" parameter on ( I assume t@h works thru
this interface).
The tile returned (if parameter set) should then not be more complex.
(assume, the Complexity can be somehow "cheap" calculated at
server-side )

b) I've seen my system struggle on one tile, give up after some time
and get the _same_ tile again for next run... guess what.

For that, maybe a local cache of the last N non-working (too complex,
broken, ..) tiles might make sense, to decline these at even before
loading data and failing calculation.

best regards

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