Two Activations! Mappers, Validators and More Needed!

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Two Activations! Mappers, Validators and More Needed!

Community Working Group

Dear HOT Community,


Yesterday our colleagues in Turkey asked for assistance in response to the earthquakes there, several projects on the Tasking Manager could use your help! For detailed information, visit


Yesterday we also sized-up, and made the decision to preemptively Activate for, Cyclone Lekima; a handful of projects are on the Tasking Manager for those islands directly in the path. Details can be found at


It’s the early days of these responses, so lots of uncertainty still; stay tuned to or come to the #disaster-mapping channel on Slack ( to be part of the coordination. Of course we’ll try to keep everyone informed through this list, social media, etc. and you can always email and/or join the Activation Working Group directly, cc’d on this message.


Thank you!



Russell Deffner

Disaster Services Coordinator

Email: [hidden email]

OSM/Skype: russdeffner

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

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