Udig with thematic mapping

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Udig with thematic mapping

Thuận Nguyễn

Hi all

I learn about Udig 1.4.0 and research the availability of using udig in creating thematic cartography. I  consider if Udig support many methods of thematic mapping

I see Udig only support  any simple methods as Choropleth, Nominal data (points and lines) and NOT support other methods as Diagram (chart), Proportional Symbol, Contour (isopleth), Dot, Chorochromatic map (Nominal area data), Flowline map

In my view, Udig has some demerits as:

-         Choropleth: Data maybe classified (only 3 methods: equal interval, quantile, unique)  and NOT be continuously/unique (unclassified).

-         Nominal lines: only default  1 linestyle

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Best Regards

Thuan Nguyen

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