Unable to find custom function "Colourmap"

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Unable to find custom function "Colourmap"

Trupti Pol
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I am trying to develope a custom function "ColorMap" which can be used in SLD to get the different style based on feature attributes.

This function is mainly utilized to provide different draw color to each feature based on the "ColorIndex" attribute.

My Sample function is as follows

public class ColorMapFunction extends FunctionExpressionImpl{

        public ColorMapFunction(String name) {

        public int getArgCount() {
                return 1;

        public Object evaluate(Object feature) {
                String colorIndex;

                try {
              colorIndex = getExpression(0).evaluate(feature).toString();
        } catch (Exception e){ // probably a type error
                      throw new IllegalArgumentException(
                          "Filter Function problem for function ColorMap argument #0 - expected type String");

               return getColor(colorIndex);
           private String getColor(String colorTablePath, String colorIndex){
                // will provide different color based on colorIndex

But when i try to use this function in my .sld file it gives me error as below

Unable to find function Colourmap
> java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to find function Colourmap
>     at
> org.geotools.filter.FunctionFinder.findFunction(FunctionFinder.java:103)
>     at
> org.geotools.filter.FunctionFinder.findFunction(FunctionFinder.java:69)
>     at
> org.geotools.filter.FilterFactoryImpl.function(FilterFactoryImpl.java:469)

Please let me know am i skipping something here..I am using geotools 2.6 M2 version