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Updated Freemap online - with GPS maps, Wikipedia links

Nick Whitelegg
Hello everyone,

New version of Freemap now online at www.free-map.org.uk, with the following
new features since the last major update back in March:

- faster map drawing;
- a pub review facility: you can now review any pub shown on Freemap.
- GPS map generation. You can now create detailed Freemap maps for your Garmin
GPS, showing footpaths, roads, villages, pubs, woods, and all other features
displayed on Freemap. This facility makes use of the cGPSmapper software

and the following rather experimental (read, not fully working, but works well
enough to demonstrate):

Link to Wikipedia. If you click on a village or town, its Wikipedia article,
if it exists, will be shown.

This will probably be the last major release for Freemap in its current
architecture: future versions will be moving towards a richer user interface
making heavier use of JavaScript and possibly SVG (see previous mails).
However this version will be updated/tweaked (e.g. the Wikipedia facility)
and for those not supporting JavaScript, will remain up.


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