Where is commonwealth place in Canberra

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Where is commonwealth place in Canberra

Neil Penman
Congratulations to everyone who has been working on the OSM maps in Canberra they are really excellent. I just spent a weekend in Canberra and used OSM maps loaded into my Garmin to get around.  There was no part of Canberra that I went to that had significant missing data even the outlying villages such as Sutton and Gundaroo were well mapped.  

When I was down at the National Gallery I came across differences between some street signs and the streets recorded in OSM.  Heading west from Kings Avenue down King Edward Terrace, OSM has running down to the lake:
       1) Parkes Place
       2) Parkes Place
       3) Mall Road West
       4) Parkes Place West

However the road signs seemed to be:
     1) Commonwealth Place
     2) Parkes Place
     3) ...... (I didn't check this one)
     4)  Commonwealth Place

The road labelled Parkes place West in OSM also runs away from the lake and I didn't check what the road sign was for that direction from King Edward Terrace.

I haven't updated the map as my partner pointed out that the NGA address is Parkes Place and so I checked the UBD and that agreed with the current OSM settings.  Has anyone had a look at this? 


Neil Penman

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