address search with polish format (*.mp) without NOD data

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address search with polish format (*.mp) without NOD data

Gerd Petermann
Hi all,

attached is a patch that changes behaviour for the polish reader (*.mp) so that address search is working
when you have a file that contains neither "RoadId" nor lines starting with "Nod". Thanks to John Thorn I've learned that cGPSMapper
doesn't need that data to produce a map that supports address search.

The patch also fixes a bug in the polish reader for house numbers:
The reader used to ignore lines like this:
because the number style is NONE for both sides. The patch changes this because the important information is that previous
interval ends at this node.

A binary based on r4287 is here:

Those who use *.mp files as input: please try it, esp. when you use options --net or --route with this format.


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