could JGrass create an unreadable GRASS location?

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could JGrass create an unreadable GRASS location?

Dear all,
I have a very strange JGrass problem. I create a grass location using JGrass. These are the geospatial parameters:
epsg: 23033
north:      4215885
south:      4161885
east:       327145
west:       273145
nsres:      400
ewres:      400

Then I run some simple grass commands using JGrass console. First I import this shapefile: -o dsn=c:/tmp/sr5.shp output=sr5 min_area=0.0001 snap=-1

Then a vector to raster command: input=sr5 output=sr5 use=attr type=area layer=1 column=landuse value=1 rows=4096

Then I try to add to my map this raster GRASS object, but JGrass is not able to add it to my map.

In this movie you can view this behavior in action:

I have used "".

This is my  JGrass log.

What's wrong in my procedure?

Thank you,


Andrea Borruso

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