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Jody Garnett-2
Mark added a ReferencedEnvelopeCache; that produced a bounds for a given CoordianteReferenceSystem. We are using it to great effect for the generic GeoTools service/georesource.

Specifically it allows us to return some bounds from the info object quickly; rather then watch GeoTools do a table scan.

I will also cut WFS Service over to use these CRS bounds; so that WFS layers behave better when you draw new content outside of their origional "area".

Other changes made:
- data can formally indicate it does not know its bounds (an empty ReferencedEnvelope)
- If bounds are unknown the basic feature renderer will draw the current screen bounds

Remaining work:
- check the map creation start up code and ensure it is happy with the idea of an empty ReferencedEnvelope

Discussion point/idea:
- return bounds based on CRS quickly, start a thread to fetch the bounds in the background
- cache bounds between runs
- Service interceptor to allow applications feed in their own service title / bounds / etc... rather then rely on those produced

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