looking for italian cloudmade web application developers

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looking for italian cloudmade web application developers

AK19 Srl - Dott. Giovanni Debiaggi

Cloudmade Developers Community

i'm an italian web concept application developer, and for my
last project
i'm looking for italians deep skilled developers of
application using cloudmade
family sw products and services

i need a short list of italian (possibly, but not
necessarely) developers, also university

couse i need someone skilled helping me to:

1) evaluate prototyping costs/time/resources
2) beta development

the project features are:

a) usable & web-native gui model
b) new target/tag-cloud Poi search menu model
c) gis map and multi service geo information platform
d) poi db and multimedia content editor (offline vs online)

e) meta engine for automatic Poi-content search&editing

hoping someone can help me
i'll wait replay

thank to all

Giovanni - Milano
AK19 Srl

Dott. Giovanni Debiaggi
Amministratore/Socio Unico
AK19 Srl a Socio Unico    

Sede Legale Via Emilia 38 - 27054 Voghera Pv
Sede Operativa Via Lazio 20/B - 20090 Segrate Mi
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mobile: 347-8352863
web: www.ak19.it (under  construction)
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