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Andrea Antonello
Hi all,
we were able to do some important bugfixes and several enhancements,
so it was for a a reason to create a new build of both JGrass and

Just to mention some:

- solved the problem that produced loss of maps in projects with:
"unable to load map"
- solved the bugs that made at some point loose the annotations on the
annotation layer. Also we should now gain better performance on
- there is now a possibility to export, import and also send via mail
geonotes (see:
- we have added custom crs to the regular udig database, which means
that Italians finally have that awful Monte Mario with precision
parameters available :) (see:
-> on this, as stated on the blgo post, drop an email here if you
would like to have a custom epsg code added.
- also there is now a preferences page that gives the possibility to
change language and finally define the memory JGrass/BeeGIS should use
- active region graphic, when dragged on the map, crashed and there
was the need to reopen its preferences and set it again.

It would be important to get feedback on those in order to be sure
that they really work.

Currently I am uploading all of them. It will take the next several
hours, so I am not able to update the installation instructions pages.
So best start to download from Monday on :)

The JGrass Team
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