osm-editor: can now directly add new data to OSM!

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osm-editor: can now directly add new data to OSM!

Nick Whitelegg
Hello everyone,

Revision 700 of the Subversion archive, and I would like to announce that
osm-editor has been hooked up to OpenStreetMap itself.

Using osm-editor you can now grab tracks and waypoints from your GPS, edit
them, and upload them direct to OpenStreetMap. You can also download existing
data *from* OpenStreetMap, though note that you cannot yet modify it.

You can define track segments to be one of several types (footpath, cycle
path, road etc). This information will be uploaded to OSM along with the
segments themselves. Freemap-OSM (http://www.free-map.org.uk/osm/; see
earlier this week) will display different type segments with different
colours and symbols. You can also define the type of your waypoints to
represent pubs, villages, churches, restaurants etc and upload the to OSM.
Freemap-OSM  will shortly (within the next few days) show such points of
interest with an appropriate icon.

A caveat or two: occasionally the application has crashed while uploading
large amounts of data to OSM, so best to save data before you upload it, and
keep the amount of data you upload relatively small.

A few technical details:

osm-editor takes advantage of the new 0.2 API key/value tagging system. You
can partition your GPS track into multi-node segments representing streets,
roads, paths etc and define their type (path, road , cycle path etc). When
these multi-node segments are uploaded to OSM, they will be split into their
constituent two-node segments and each two-node segment tagged to indicate
the type that you gave the segment. When the "street" type is supported in
the API, each multi-node segment will be treated as an OSM street.

 When your waypoints are uploaded to OSM, they will be treated as OSM nodes
and tagged with their name and type.
(e.g. <node lat='xxx' lon='yyy' tags='name:Red Lion;class: pub'/>)

Next on the plan for osm-editor is to rewrite the internals so that they more
closely follow the OSM data model of nodes, segments and streets. I also
intend to allow users to modify OSM data with osm-editor, however I (or
Steve) will need to write an extra API script on the OSM server-side to allow
OSM to accept a complete XML file of nodes and segments.


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