[osmosis-dev] Full documentation for OsmChange 0.6 format?

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[osmosis-dev] Full documentation for OsmChange 0.6 format?

Ladislav Laska

I'm currently working on Merkaartor and OsmChange support. Historically,
Merkaartor generates 0.3 version of OsmChange files, which is
(obviously) not readable by any modern tools.

I want to bump the support to 0.6 version of OsmChange, but I have a
hard time looking up a full documentation (besides reading osmosis
code). Is there any?

In the osmosis repository, I have found osmosis-core/doc/OsmApi06.xsd .
The name implies it is a description of OSM API, but the contents
indicates it might actually be a scheme for OsmChange. I tried to
validate the example on wiki:


But it fails the validation. For example, osmChange element doesn't seem
to be allowed to have version and generator attributes. (at least
xmllint says so, I'm not proficient at reading xsd schemas).

I have found a few pieces of information on mailing lists/forums/stack
overflow, but I'd prefer not to reverse-engineer the format out of those

Could you please point me to the right direction?


Ladislav "KrakonoŇ°" L√°ska

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