[osmosis-dev] OT: Difficulties rendering an svg file

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[osmosis-dev] OT: Difficulties rendering an svg file

David Niklas
I'm posting here because I'me trying to use gary68's osmrender tool and he  
is nolonger supporting any of his programs.
I'm hoping to find someone who can A. Help me, or B. Tell me where I aught  
to go.
I'm using an extracted portion of the osm data that was created via  
osmosis so it should be syntactically valid.
I don't know perl, otherwise I'd have figured this out myself.

% perl osmrender.pl map.osm map.png

osmrender.pl 2.0 for file map.osm
get node information...
GD Warning: one parameter to a memory allocation multiplication is  
negative or zero, failing operation gracefully
Can't call method "trueColor" on an undefined value at OSM/osmgraph.pm  
line 157, <$file> line 6077864.

Here are three line of the file (the one in the middle being the offending  

   <node id="4307333353" version="1" timestamp="2017-06-05T16:46:07Z"  
uid="91490" user="Heinz_V"
changeset="40798437" lat="28.0080169" lon="82.117987"/>
   <way id="4108783" version="3" timestamp="2017-06-05T16:46:07Z"  
uid="90780" user="Verdy_p" changeset="19732029">
     <nd ref="22175733"/>


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