[osmosis-dev] Osmosis 0.46 Release

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[osmosis-dev] Osmosis 0.46 Release

Brett Henderson
Hi All,

I've just released Osmosis 0.46.

From changes.txt:
  • Require Java 8 as a minimum.
  • Leverage Java 7 Autocloseable functionality and remove Releasable interface.
  • Apply minor code cleanups contributed by devfactory.com.
  • Add tests for pgsimple tasks.
  • Introduce docker-based build environment.
  • Introduce Travis CI testing.
  • Add support for reading protobuf from InputStream.  Useful when using Osmosis as a library.
  • Upgrade to protobuf 3.
  • Make compression optional in EntitySorter.
Let me know if you see any issues.


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