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response: add GeoTifff Image

I tried with the two solutions but nothing works:

1 Solution:
I'm only new to this so forgive me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, I
was digging around in the CatalogPlugin plugin and think that's what
you're looking for.

You can manually create your service and add it to the catalog like so.

IServiceFactory serviceFactory =
IService service = serviceFactory.createService(
new URL("file://"+path
<file://%22+path/> ));

try {

   IServiceInfo info = service.getInfo( null );  // try connecting to
make sure the service works

   if (info != null) {
getLocalCatalog().add( service ); //
add service
}catch (IOException couldNotConnect ){
    service.dispose(new NullProgressMonitor());

serviceFactory.createService returns List<IService> and not IService.

And if I write :

          List<IService> services = serviceFactory.createService(url);
          IService service=services.iterator().next();

 I have an exception.

2 solution.
However the catalog provides the acquire method that will do all the
work for you.

IService service =

URL("file://"+path <file://"+path> ), new NullProgressMonitor());

Simply call this from your menu contribution and provide the path to

your GeoTiff.

One thing to note is that the acquire method douse not guarantee that a

service will be used to render your layer. If it I important
that your layer use a geotiff render you will have to use the manual
service creation method.

the class ICatalog doesnt' have the method acquire.
I tried with:

ICatalog icatalog =CatalogPlugin.getDefault().getLocalCatalog();
                        icatalog.find(url, new NullProgressMonitor());

icatalog.findService(new URL("file://"+selPath));

but nothing append....I don't see the geotiff image inside the 2d map....


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       Subject: [udig-devel] add GeoTifff Image

       I wuold like to add a geoTiff image on a 2D map simply pressing
a button.

       The functionality is the same as "right click on a map" -> "add
files" -> "and select a GeoTiff image"
       but I don't know which classes I should use and in which way.


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