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Re: Semikolon als Trenner (war Re: Paketannahmestellen) 8 replies Germany
Re: Test des Garmin Oregon 300 0 replies Germany
Re: Tool für OSM-Druckkarten online 3 replies Germany
Re: FOSSGIS 2010: Hotel/Unterkunft, Reiseplanung 0 replies Germany
Re: MarkenIcons für Karten 2 replies Germany
Re: Benelux: OpenStreetMap POI export (beta) released 2 replies Germany
Re: Google Maps - Update 0 replies Germany
Re: 23rd Dec board meeting 0 replies Legal Talk
Re: Licensing Working Group report, 2009/01/22 1 reply Legal Talk
Copyright of OSM-Logo (was: Creation of a user box in wikipedia user profiles) 19 replies Legal Talk
Re: Recommendations for a new GPS Device? 1 reply General Discussion
Re: A very brief brief for our new licence 5 replies Legal Talk
Re: Code of conduct for automated (mass-) edits 0 replies General Discussion
Re: Can I buy some maps to draw my City? 0 replies Legal Talk
Re: GPS Hardware Recomendation 0 replies Developer Discussion
Re: GPS Hardware Recomendation 2 replies Developer Discussion
Re: Can I buy some maps to draw my City? 2 replies Legal Talk
1 ... 27282930