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Re: handling street names in speech 2 replies General Discussion
Careful, "st" can mean "stone" in some places | Re: Typical maxweight signs in USA? (editor developmnent question) 2 replies USA
Re: About the diaper key 2 replies Tagging
max_age=toddler? | Re: Playground age limits 5 replies Great Britain
_Would_ Xist abuse be banned? | Re: Filter bubbles in OSM 0 replies Tagging
RFC7282 on "rough consensus" 0 replies Tagging
Wiki for documentation, ML for discussion | Re: solving iD conflict 3 replies Tagging
Orthodox Christianity exists | Re: Opening hours syntax for non Gregorian calendar 1 reply Tagging
Re: Opening hours syntax for non Gregorian calendar 0 replies Tagging
rel="me" | Re: osm.org groups 0 replies Developer Discussion
Re: Opening hours syntax for non Gregorian calendar 16 replies Tagging
Downsides of storing QA data in OSM data, Way ids! | Re: iD invents nosquare=yes for buildings which should not be squared 0 replies General Discussion
Re: Feature Proposal - RFC - Baby changing table 18 replies Tagging
Re: Just Joined List 3 replies Developer Discussion
Ireland, imports and maybe locality is correct 😛 | Re: Subtag for place=locality? 1 reply Tagging
Roads, driving & Wiki | Re: Thank you from MSF! 2 replies Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT)
Regional highway tag values | Re: Thank you from MSF! 1 reply Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT)
golf_cart=permit? | Re: Feature Proposal - RFC - Key:golf_cart 4 replies Tagging
Software configuration | Re: iD influencing tagging 8 replies General Discussion
Dialects of English | Re: iD influencing tagging 3 replies General Discussion
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