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Re: proposed mechanical edit - moving FIXME=* to fixme=* 5 replies General Discussion
New data center status for openstreetmap.org? 0 replies General Discussion
Re: OSM SPAM detector 3 replies General Discussion
OSM SPAM detector 10 replies General Discussion
Re: Help fight advertising 0 replies USA
GSOC project 10 replies Developer Discussion
Re: Nominatim on the main page 3 replies General Discussion
AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 3 replies General Discussion
Re: US Sports Fields Import 1 reply USA
overpass query question 2 replies Developer Discussion
US Sports Fields Import 3 replies USA
Re: Need advice on a project i've taken on 5 replies USA
Re: Green Mountain National Forest cleanup 1 reply USA
Re: OSM Project Idea for GSoC 17: Vandalism Detection in Map Edits 1 reply Developer Discussion
Re: [Imports] Boston, MA, USA addr:housenumber Import 5 replies USA
Re: [Imports] Boston, MA, USA addr:housenumber Import 2 replies USA
Re: Abandoned Rails 38 replies General Discussion
Bing satellite tiles 1 reply General Discussion
Re: Tesla Supercharger import 0 replies USA
Re: Keeping imported data updated with source changes 0 replies General Discussion
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