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Re: ITOworld maps 0 replies Great Britain
Re: Removing an ATM 4 replies Tagging
Re: shop=window(s) incorrectly deprecated in favor of craft=window_construction ? 0 replies Tagging
Re: JOSM's "suspicious" path data warnings 1 reply Tagging
Re: Importing NaPTAN Data [Thread 2] 2 replies Great Britain
Re: Importing NaPTAN Data 0 replies Great Britain
Re: Source dubbio 1 reply Italy General
Re: landuse=reservoir vs water=reservoir 0 replies General Discussion
Re: Source dubbio 2 replies Italy General
Re: Newish user causing damage-... 3 replies Great Britain
Re: Source dubbio 4 replies Italy General
Re: Which global OSM mailing list for the "community index"? 2 replies General Discussion
Re: wheelchair = hiking 0 replies Tagging
Re: Need someone in the south to review an edit 0 replies USA
Re: Source dubbio 0 replies Italy General
Re: Source dubbio 7 replies Italy General
Re: Complicated traffic light combinations 0 replies Tagging
Complicated traffic light combinations 5 replies Tagging
Re: A modest proposal to increase the usefulness of the tagging list 0 replies Tagging
Re: sidewalks 3 replies Great Britain
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