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Re: New tag proposal: 'addr=milestone' 1 reply Tagging
Re: Colby's "Instructions for the Interior Survey of Ireland" (Was: Strange tags) 0 replies Tagging
Re: "not:brand" to mark a shop that isn't part of a chain? 0 replies Tagging
Re: "part:wikidata=*" tag proposal for multiple elements connected to the same wikidata id 0 replies Tagging
Re: Abuse of natural=cliff tag 1 reply General Discussion
Re: Abuse of natural=cliff tag 3 replies General Discussion
Re: Draft proposal for Key:aerodrome 1 reply Tagging
Re: bear box in campground ? 22 replies Tagging
Re: Tagging of State Parks in the US 0 replies Tagging
Re: Road hierarchy 0 replies Tagging
Re: Subkeys like payment:*=yes/no? | Re: Country code value prefix? | Re: Feature Proposal - Voting - Tag:insurance:health 0 replies Tagging
Re: Facebook mapping highways using AI in collaboration with OpenStreetMap 1 reply General Discussion
Re: maxstay=0 0 replies Tagging
Re: track smoothness/quality 23 replies Tagging
Re: Typical maxweight signs in USA? (editor developmnent question) 0 replies USA
Re: Idea for a new tag: amenity=power_supply 0 replies Tagging
Re: wheelchair = hiking 3 replies Tagging
Re: Proposed mechanical edit - remove blatant duplicates (sustenance=fast_food on amenity=fast_food, atm=yes on amenity=atm etc.) 0 replies General Discussion
Re: Marking temporary traffic organisation change 0 replies Tagging
Re: Avoid using place=locality - find more specific tags instead 7 replies Tagging
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