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uDig and spatialite

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Hi all,
I would like to connect uDig with a spatialite datase and use it.

Before starting I want to be sure this thing is possible. I think yes, because in the SDK there is "sqlite-jdbc-spatialite-3.7.2-2.4" and because there are a lot of related discussions (http://goo.gl/RRUdkp and http://goo.gl/0jFRS7).

In geotools site http://goo.gl/EK3QNK I read that spatialite plugin uses internal versions of both SQLite (3.7.2) and SpatiaLite (2.4.0). Then I suppose that also in uDig I must use SpatiaLite 2 files. Am I right?

Thank you very much,

Andrea Borruso

email: aborruso@tin.it
website: http://blog.spaziogis.it
my 2.0 life: http://aborruso.spaziogis.it
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